Glen Turner (vk5tu) wrote,
Glen Turner

mooc: First impressions

I have enrolled on the SDN MOOC with Coursera, as an experiment to witness the student experience.

There is no equivalent to the "introductory handout" to a course listing the due dates. So it is more difficult to keep track of what is due when than with a in-person course. Perhaps a calendar on the first page, or perhaps e-mails a few days shy of due dates.

The videos are slides with a talking head. The regular reminder of where you are in the course outline is useful, but annoying. Perhaps better done with a CNN-style text ribbon at the start of each video.

The Week 0 pop quiz didn't have much relationship to the course content, required obscure knowledge and the answers were debatable. Coursera does allow for the "correct" answer to each question to be accompanied by an explanation. This really should be filled in for every question.

The downloaded videos look good on a Nexus 4 mobile phone and are playable with VLC. This is my preferred way of watching the videos as it allows effective use of the hours spend on planes, trains and buses.

Tags: edu

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