Glen Turner (vk5tu) wrote,
Glen Turner

Cisco and me

Having used Cisco Systems' code in my examples at the IPv6 Summit some people think I am anti-Cisco or something. That's absolutely not so. The reason I used their code was simply because I know and trust them.

I know that they hate having shortcomings in their software and that the LART will be wielded internally to make those go away.

I trust them that I can point these out in a public forum without Cisco people becoming upset. They have been in the industry long enough to know that not everything works as you would hope.

I could name manufacturers where neither of these points apply. Vendors whose name I would hesitate to name in public, whose configuration extracts I would never use in a public forum. [And no, I don't mean J or F]

Cisco are remarkably open, something they get far too little credit for. The networking world is full of manufacturers who have password-protected access to basics like documentation; who don't give customers access to bug databases; who monitor forums and delete threads that are the least bit critical.

That behaviour has set a good benchmark for their major competitors too. Juniper's early restriction of access to manuals and other materials has been removed and the access pretty much parallels that of Cisco's web site.

Tags: rant
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