Glen Turner (vk5tu) wrote,
Glen Turner

The Web and Benford's Law

Benford's Law (Frank Benford, 1939) says that numbers starting with small numerals are more likely to be encountered in nature than numbers starting with larger numerals. Dr Karl has a good summary.

Although I can't be bothered to run the few thousand samples through Google, it looks like Benford's Law holds for web content. Note the distribution at (9) to (11):

hits(1) = 9,470,000,000), hits(2) = 3,110,000,000, hits(3) = 2,760,000,000, hits(4) = 2,430,000,000, hits(5) = 2,350,000,000, hits(6) = 2,050,000,000, hits(7) = 1,940,000,000, hits(8) = 1,880,000,000, hits(9) = 1,760,000,000, hits(10) = 2,560,000,000, hits(11) = 1,920,000,000.

Tags: rant
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