Glen Turner (vk5tu) wrote,
Glen Turner


Tools for electronics can be hard to find. So when I visited Sim Lim Square in Singapore I picked up a few of the harder-to-find tools, such as a range of tweezers. I was an idiot, because today I went to the Adelaide Model Train Exhibition and some of the exhibitors there had just the nicest stuff for handling small objects. The prices were roughly the same as in Singapore but the quality was much better.

A revelation to me was Burfitt Tools of Western Australia. They make a range of the most wonderful small item pliers: pointed enough to get in and hefty enough to apply some power when there. They also make a massive range of tweezers, clamps, drivers, taps and even a tiny hammer. When I asked if they did the "internet shopping thing" two people in the line behind me said that they did and were good to deal with.

Also there was Aztronics, the wonderful Adelaide electronics shop.

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