Glen Turner (vk5tu) wrote,
Glen Turner

Committed [political comment]

Rudd, Howard just love "committed". But what of their own money are they putting forward? Usually, when a political movement is committed to something it does need to achieve government to start work. Movements opposed to poverty open soup kitchens, movements wanting more housing for the poor build houses for the poor.

Both political parties are "committed" to solving the disrace of Aboriginal living conditions. But neither party is paying for a single house or a single doctor, neither party has a single volunteer on the ground. You'll forgive me when I doubt people's commitment who are unwilling to put their own skin into the game.

Political parties have excellent fund raising teams, good management, many volunteers. The only reason they have failed to be an agent of change of their own accord is that they don't want change -- they simply want power.

Tags: rant
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