Glen Turner (vk5tu) wrote,
Glen Turner


Over it already.

Joe Hockey has spent $121m on the WorkChoices ads. WTF? This for ads he said were "simple and without spin". Simple would have been a letter in the post, $0.60 x 8m households = $5m. We've got the third world happening in the Pittlands: sending $115m to TV owners rather than to aboriginal education, housing and health is criminal.

The suggested reduction in tax is stupid economic policy. That money will go directly into consumption and push up consumer goods demand. Since that's the demand that is currently driving interest rates, they will go up. So all we get is a transfer from income earners to bank shareholders.

However, government revenues do need to be reduced. The question is how to do this. The Hawke-Keating government once gave a non-inflationary wage increase by diverting it into superannuation. Given that most people still do not have enough retirement savings, that's probably the approach to take to a non-inflationary disbursement of the government's windfall revenue. And I think it would be good politics too, people are more scared of their welfare in retirement than is apparent.

Good old Nick Xenophon is running for the Senate. He needs about 15% of the vote, in the state election he got about 10%. In theory his election should depend on preference deals. Needless to say, Labor, Libs and Family First aren't interested in helping Nick. Which might be stupid of them, since I reckon Nick might actually get voted #1 by 15% of South Australians, which means that the party which does the preference deal would pick up the "odds and ends" seat.

As I said, I'm over this election on Day Two. It's not about the good of the people. It's about political dynasties fighting for the prize of government largesse.

Oh, bring me Pitt the Younger, we need his type in these times. His first and dying concern the guidance of his country through its worst hours. His eye on the money (he had to pay to defeat Napoleon and to lose the American Colonies), but his heart with the poorest people. But even more, bring me his friends. Bring me Wilberforce, that hedonistic dandy with the head of a politician but the heart of of a lion. Bring me the solid Grenville, the brilliant Nelson, the precocious Wellesley (so much cleverer than the older Wellington).

Even Homer thought the people of the Illiad better men than his contemporaries. What I would give for just one Worthy! But we have Paris rather than Hector: Daimoni' ou men kala cholon tond' entheo thumôi, laoi men phthinuthousi peri ptolin aipu te teichos marnamenoi: seo d' heinek' aütê te ptolemos te astu tod' amphidedêe: su d' an machesaio kai allôi, hon tina pou methienta idois stugerou polemoio. all' ana mê tacha astu puros dêïoio therêtai.

Tags: rant
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